Multilingual voice over services

Multilingual voice over and audio post production for all audio formats

We provide multilingual recordings in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Arabic, Serbian, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish , Afrikaans and many other less common languages

We have selected among hundreds of voice actors worlwide, the most talented, flexible, perfect sounded professionals who know very well the culture of their national market, and with whom we have established loyal partnerships after successfull cooperations in many international audio projects. Native multilingual voice over talents who can record almost everything, for everyone

Our voices are already became our friends!

Its important to trust your partner and respect your client.

Our voice partners have close contact with us, no matter where they live or the time difference between us. Anytime an urgent job comes, we just pick up the phone, arrange the session (live or not) and within a few hours the voice over is available at our studios for processing. And at your mail just after that!


Google – Microsoft – Euronews – CERN – Honda – Intel – Lidl – Skype – Samsung – BMW – Mercedes – Volvo – Heineken – AEG – Michelin – Exxon Mobil – Trivago – Unilever – Henkel – HP – John Deere – Toshiba – Shell – Allianz – Toyota – Spotify – Hugo Boss – ABB – Turkish Airlines – Husqvarna – Mattel – CB12 – Avene – Air Berlin –  Ryanair – Qatar Airways – Pfizer – Hausbrandt – Sunsweet – GlaxoSmithKline – Dow Chemicals – Mayoral – Fixodent – Lilly – Hasbro – McDonalds – Electrolux – Bison – UHU – Amgen – DHL – Novotel – Aboca – Val Venosta – Doki language learning software – WeKnowIt – Valagro – Tommy Hillfiger – G4S – Nobilia – Alcon – Hollister Inc – Baxter – Georg Fischer – Securitas – Organo Gold – Tork – Bronpi – Obesimed etc

Alpha Bank – Pireus Bank – Masoutis – United International Pictures – Aegean Airlines – Bank of Cyprus – PCT Cosco – Nounou – Honda – Toyota – Mitsubishi – Jumbo – Trivago – Vioiatriki – Isomat – PAOK FC – Skechers – Xerox – Hellmans – Epsilon net – Notos Galleries – Energizers – Epsa – Agno – Helexpo – MLS – Morris – Delonghi – Media strom – Regency Casino – Roma Pizza – IEK Delta – Alcon – Bed and Bath – Hankook tyres – City College – Ellinair – Passias – NyfanTenCate – Elvial – Welcome stores – Makedonia Palace – Autovision – Freggio – American Farm School – Koukakis – Bellas Dairy – One Salonica – Dhi – Vicko – Edward jeans – Seven spots – ELVO – Vrochidis Chatzis Ford – Dexim – Kaoil – Porcelana – Oxford company – Anatolia College – Marmaridis – Cardlink – Wierdwave – Energiers – Interlife – Skywork Airlines – Fila – Cytamobile – Primetel Cyprus etc
Berlin Museums – European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) – European Central Bank (ECB) – DEH – EKEFE Dimokritos – Helexpo AE – NERIT – Kazantzakis Museum – Municipality of Thessaloniki – Pireus University – Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra – Axios Delta – Thessaloniki Opera – Pella and Vergina Museums – Olympus Festival – Naousa International Film Festival – USA and Russia Embassies.

Project management

Our experienced producers and engineers, record live with of our speakers from their local studios. Every recording session is different when involving people from different countries and languages, but we can handle it perfectly after 20 years of studio expertise. 


Choosing our voice services (voiceover recordings, audio editing and production, voice booking etc), means that you will get the most suitable prices, even according to your budget, if possible!. Our accountants will try to adjust our quotes to your special project and client needs

We charge fees based on the length of your script and how the audio will be used. For example a fee per minute If it is a long corporate or audiobook project, or a fee per spot, if it is a TV or radio commercial aired with national, regional or local charging rules.

No hidden extra fees, all costs for producing your audio are agreed with details before ordering.

Content provider

We can provide any language translation and script adaptation, working with trusted certified translators


Our comfortable modern recording studios, featuring the latest technology in hardware ,software, and sound equipment, together with our helpful stuff ,offer a pleasant and productive working environment to our clients

Our team

gl - Αντίγραφο

George Liapis

Head of production
ev - Αντίγραφο

Eleonora Varvagianni

Creative copywriting

Elena Chatzi

Account manager

Dimitra Chatzikonstantinou

Pre production
az - Αντίγραφο

Antonis Zokos

Account manager
BABIS - Αντίγραφο

Babis Chatzakos

Digital media
ASPA - Αντίγραφο

Aspa Gooda


Thomas Siamoulis

Voice director
ap - Αντίγραφο

Anna Priga

Project manager

Dimitris Karlis

Audio producer
During the 35 years I’ve been working in film and television I’ve always made a point of getting to know the people I’ll be collaborating with before we agree to work together. I began working with NRG before I’d gotten to know them, having heard a lot of positive feedback about their work. Trust and appreciation soon followed. We have collaborated on many recordings with well-known actors and recording artists, always with stellar results. Their professionalism is worthy of true respect and is the main reason behind our continued collaboration.
Memas Vlahopoulos
R/C & Cinema Production Manager / SPOT JWT ATHENS
NRG Productions and UIP (United International Pictures) have been collaborating for over 15 years. We work together the last three, period that I work too in the cinema area, a place full of pressure and enormous demands. Many times you have to manage movies that come out in the cinemas even every week. It is very important to know that I can rely on such a reliable partner to get immediate and perfect results every time!
Fani Tsetou
I have worked outside of Thessaloniki for many years and have experience collaborating with many of the largest companies in the field, both in Greece and abroad. At NRG I found exactly the same knowledge and professionalism, but with more personal attention and flexibility, which is why it’s one of my first choices for all our production needs.
Theodoros Papanestoros
Director of Marketing, Anatolia College